Viva Video Download for PC – Windows and Mac

Viva Video Download for PC – Windows and Mac

Viva Video DownloadPhoto Editors are a big trend nowadays. But what me and many others are more interested in are video editing apps. Viva Video Download is my choice for a good video editor and I will tell you why in this article.

This app has many fans around the world, and there is a good reason behind it. Viva Video Editor Download has a lot to offer, and moreover it offers it for free! As I mentioned above, I’ve been lookig for a good video editor. Since I make a lot of videos on a daily basis, that is an imporant must. While looking around Google Play, I bumped into Viva Video Download. I read some great comments about it from other users, hence my decision to try it out. But what I didnt know when I first installed it, is it has way more to offer than you might think.

Except for being a video editor, it’s also a photo slideshow maker and a good movie editor. And that’s not all! It also provides you with an exclusive Selfie camera. Simply perfect for all Selfie fans out there!

Features of Viva Video Download:

The app is not only extremely easy to use, but that comes hand in hand with professional editor functions. Nowadays it should be more than normal that we are able to have apps such as this one, which are close enough to the professional video editing software.

With the help of Viva Video Pro APK Download, you can easily cut, trim and even merge video clips, in order to make them perfect for your needs. If you’ve edited videos before, you should be familiar with the option to add text to your videos. Or, in other words, the so called subtitles. Another common video editer extra is to be able to add sound to your video.