WedPics App Photo Editor


Wedpics App review – everything you need for your wedding day

WedPics app is an online application for modern (meaning, they know how to use smartphones and they are willing to teach their relatives) brides and grooms who want to gather all the pictures from their weddings.

This is an unique image-sharing application for the big wedding day. In order to use it, the bride and the groom need to register and pay a fee of $99. After the payment is processed the bride and the groom will  receive a code that will grant them full access over the application. After that you need to provide this code to all your guests so that they also can access WedPics app and send the photos taken during the event — at no cost to them, because the app and access are free for them, since you have already paid for it.

This is what makes Wedpics App unique, it lets you collect every single piece of photo taken during your wedding by everyone who had access to Wedpics App and all these photos will be gathered in one place. After that you can chose the best of these photos, edit them with one of these photo editors and make an album with the best memories of your wedding.