Vidmate for PC – Free Download

Vidmate for PC – convert anything to everything!

vidmate for pcVidmate for PC is the converter of your dreams. It can convert anything to pretty much anything. As long as it is the same media type file. That means Audio to Audio and Video to Video. Vidmate for PC has been created to be as easy to use as possible with no extra advanced options. That being said, converting a file with Vidmate for PC takes just a click on “Add video” and you can start converting.

A cool feature is that you can queue files in a list. If some of the files that you want to convert are down in the list you can use the buttons “Move Up” or “Move Down” to put them in their right position.

Of course you can also “Delete” a file from the queue, and the “Clear” option will clear the entire list.

Vidmate for PC supports a wide range of different formats, you can easily convert Videos for example into Audio, assuming that you are downloading your favourite songs from Youtube. They usually get downloaded as a video and you have to find a way to extract the Audio out of it, Vidmate for PC is the easiest way to do this on your phone.