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Swarm app online – Download for PC, Android and iOS

swarm-app-onlineKeeping in touch with your closest friends and knowing what they’ve been up to is a thing that every friend wants, but is hard to do.
Well that’s about to pass, because I’m going to introduce you with a unique app just for that and much more!

Swarm app is the easiest way for you to be up to date and know what your friends have been up to. Swarm app provides you with real time GPS and location. If your friends are using it you can check on them with Swarm app using quick view to see who is close by so you can join them and have fun together in an easy and interactive way. You yourself have an idea for a cool experience? Then Swarm app gives you this opportunity. You can message someone individually or a group of friends to create a fun opportunity for new experiences!

So why use this app? With it you can know the current location of the people around you, be the ones close to you or the ones further away. If you yourself don’t want to be seen on other people’s screens you can easily change that by swiping the screen when the app is active so your real time location can remain private.