PicPlayPost App Video – Free Download

PicPlayPost App Video – Free Download

PicPlayPost App Video - Free DownloadPicPlayPost App Video is an app that lets you create cool collages in a matter of minutes. You can use any kind of photos and then include some music for taste or some other sounds that you may want to have.

You can also participate in contests that are often made by PicPlayPost and you just have to tag your videos with #PicPlayPost. If you get a winning ticket, your video will be shared in one of their official accounts at Facebook, Instagram or Vine.

PicPlayPost App Video will let you make videos with length from 15 seconds to up to 60 seconds and there is also a limit if you are using GIFs, you can’t use more than 6.

PicPlayPost App Video lets you use Acapella maker which is a tool that records your video with a camera app and also your voice – makes a video recording. You can add watermark and different colored fonts to your videos aswell, but they are only available from the in-app purchases. It lets you use the content from your internal or external memory of the phone. With PicPlayPost App Video you can also add music to a static photo and make a “singing picture”. You also have over 40 frames that you can freely adjust as you please.

You can download free PicPlayPost App Video from the Google Play Store or the Apple store.

But, in case that you want to use this application on your PC rather than on your mobile phone, you can download the software called Bluestacks and use it to run PicPlayPost App Video on your computer.