PicMotion App Video Slideshow

PicMotion-Online-for-PC-Download-100x100PicMotion is an Android application that like the name suggests – takes pictures in motion. With this application you are able to create short videos from the pictures taken, and you have probably already encountered something like that. The final product looks like a GIF but is actually a video.

You can add and edit photos, add music or record an audio message, very easy and intuitive to use. The final video can be shared from the application itself in social networks like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. PicMotion also has a gallery within it with all the stuff that you have created.

To start using PicMotion, simply tap on the “Start” message on the main screen. PicMotion will then scan all your media files and make them available to you for use within the application. You can also sync it with your Instagram gallery.

Tap on the photos that you want to be included in the semi-video. Then edit them one by one with all the various options – rotating, resizing, cropping, zooming and more. When you have finished editing your photos and sounds add them one by one in the scene. The default length of the videos is 15 seconds optimized for Instagram, but you can also change that length to 6s, 30s, 60s or any other length of your desire.

After you have added all the desired content, click preview to preview it and decide if you want it that way or if it needs more editing. If it doesn’t produce and share on your favourite social network!