Klipmix Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Klipmix Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Klipmix Online for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadKlipmix online has a way of grabbing your attention. It offers wide array of functions and lets you easily create videos from photos and other videos that you have already made by using some other camera application. Klipmix lets you edit the longevity of the photos and you can also crop away frames from the videos. Of course, a video can’t go by without having some sound, so that is also an option, adding sounds.

Klipmix for PC has a very intuitive tool and it’s very easy an straightforward to work with. There are only a few buttons on its interface but thats normal given that we said that it’s an intuitive tool to work with.

Obviously Klipmix isn’t very well developed as it crashes occasionally and makes you lose your mind if you have edited the s**t out of your new project for the past 20 minutes. On some devices its practically not usable at all. Some people tho are lucky and don’t have these problems. It really depends on the device that you are using, so beware.

Klipmix online has very few basic tools and none more special tools. It does not have effects, color correction, frames, removal of defects, color balance or anything that you might expect. It only has the basic functionality like cutting here and there.

Free Download Klipmix can be found at the Google Play Store or the Apple store. Klipmix for PC can be used by using Bluestacks.