Instabox Square Collage Mirror for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Instabox Square Collage Mirror for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Instabox Square Collage MirrorYou are an Instagram user and want to find the very best photo editor ? Instabox Square Collage Mirror is the app for you! It was made especially for Instagram.

All Instagram users, who love to create all kinds of original collages, should check this app out! It will certainly help you with all those likes you’ve always wanted!

Let me present to you some of the features of Instabox Square Collage Mirror:

  • You can add different shapes to your photos. Circle, triangle, heart, cross, drop, hexagon and many more are some of the available shapes. They are updated regularly!
  • Borders and frames for your photo to make it square, which is perfect for posting it on Instagram!
  • A choice between 60+ Colours and different Background Patterns
  • Four types of 30+ Filters
  • Drag and Drop/ Zoom In and Zoom Out / Rotate/ Round Corners

Instabox Square Collage Mirror is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.  Over 10 million people have downloaded this app and are more than satisfied with their choice!

You can use Instabox Square Collage Mirror on your iPhone,iPad, Android and PC. For iPhone users the app is available in iTunes. Android users can download it in Google Play. PC users, both Windows and Mac, can find a download link for this app in countless websites. If you have Bluestacks user, like myself, you can simply download it there.

Instabox Square Collage Mirror has a variety of options and all you need is your imagination! It has helped me a lot with my Instagram photos and I would really recommend it!

Make your photos fabulous and become a star on Instagram! Everyone will be jealous of your style! And don’t forget to share them with all of your friends!