Instasave Pro Apk – Never Lose Your Photos

InstaSaveInstasave Pro Apk – never lose your photos, no matter what happens to your phone

If you are one of those people like me who may forget where they left their head, and you are afraid that you may lose your phone… Well I have good news for you InstaSave Pro Apk is for people like us. InstaSave Pro Apk lets you download your photos from Instagram.

Even if you lose your phone, you can easily get the photos back from Instagram via Instasave Pro Apk. One of the disadvantages is that every time you save a photo an ad will pop-up. This may be frustrating at times. The frustration is worth it, InstaSave Pro Apk is very well designed and developed, it works flawlessly.

In order to use it, you have to go through a quick installation steps, which includes loging in with your Instagram account. InstaSave Pro Apk uses OAuth2 system to authenticate you which means that your info never gets to the makers of the application, you are perfectly safe! Your authentication is happening straight to Instagram, and Instagram just tells InstaSave Pro Apk that you are a valid user, nothing more.

Instasave Pro Apk does its job well, it lets you save photos from your news feed, photos you have liked or some of the popular photos that you may find here and there in Instagram. A great feature is that you can download multiple photos at once with a single click (and a few more clicks to mark them), and you download them to a specific folder of your choise. It has a very simple and intuitive interface which makes it really easyto work with. The pro version of InstaSave Pro Apk will let you do a few more things like, downloading videos, performing full backups which you can send to your DropBox, your Email, Bluetooth and so on. The pro version also removes the annoying ads so you may consider buying it if you like the application.

You can Download InstaSave Pro Apk from here.