FaceApp APK – Free Download for Android or PC

FaceApp APK – Free Download for Android or PC

FaceApp APK App - Free DownloadFaceApp APK is a file that lets you install FaceApp on your Android phone. This is one of the ways to install FaceApp, and the other way is to directly install it from the Google Play Store.

FaceApp APK is an application that lets you easily edit photos, crop them and then directly uploading them to your Instagram account.

It is very easy to use the application, because it lets you import photos from your albums. If you don’t have photos ready for editing, you can make a new photo with your camera.

A thing worth mentioning is that FaceApp APK is free. So if you are an Instagram junkie you will surely need this app, and you will not need to spend any money to get it.

FaceApp APK also has a set of over 14 unique filters that you can apply on your photos.

You can change the color or the design of the border after you crop the photo.

FaceApp APK can also be used to install the application on your computer. First you will need to install an Android Emulator. The pros of having FaceApp APK on your PC is that, you will have a much larger screen on which you can edit your photos. Not to mention the speed compared to your phone.

FaceApp Photo Editor also allows you to add stickers, notes or text on top of your images. This will help you remember important details about them. Like, when and where you took the photo. That’s of course, unless you already have the date stamp from your camera.

This is one of the must apps for you if you are using Android.

FaceApp Collage Maker for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

FaceApp Collage Maker for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

FaceApp Collage MakerIf you’ve never done photo editing before, don’t worry! With FaceApp Collage Maker you will learn fast, and the results will simply amaze you. It’s one of the best photo editing apps in Google Play Market right now! Don’t hesitate and join more than 50 million loyal users, who downloaded and are using the app at this very moment!

With FaceApp Photo Collage Maker you will have the opportunity to create one of the most beautiful collages ever! It will be easy, fast and most of all fun! The app was created with its users in mind, hence the user friendly interface. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, it won’t make any difference. The app will produce the same good results every single time!

FaceApp Collage Maker comes with three powerful collage modes. Those are: Magazine Style, Modern Style and Manga Style. I will tell you abit about each and every one of them.

Magazine Style:

You should be able what it’s all about, only by judging by its name. You will be able to choose between more than 200 elegantly designed styles. With their help, you can instantly create beautiful Magazine-Style collages.

Modern Style:

This mode is original and one of a kind. No other app has it! You can use up to 12 photos when creating your collage. Along with them, you are also offered over 10,000 possible layouts!

Manga Style:

This style is for the creative minds, and those who like manga. Choose from 60+ cool magna styles! You can create limitless manga pages!

Want to know more about the app? Then download it!

You can download FaceApp Magazine Collage Maker on phones, tablets and PC. iPhone users can get it on iTunes. Android users can download it in Google Play. PC users can get it by using Bluestacks.