PIP Camera Photo Effects

PIP-Camera-Online-Free-Download-100x100PIP Camera is a special type of image editor that lets you create amazing collages. With its huge collection of different photo frames, all you hve to do is take a picture (with already chosen frame) or select a picture from your existing gallery and apply a frame on top of it.

The application has two categories: PIP Classics and PIP Frames. When you select the category simply use the bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the available frames. After you have chosen your desired frame, apply it and save the new image. It will be available for you at your image gallery.

In the main menu  in the Library section you can find additional frames. To add any of them you can simply press the Download button located under the desired frame. The new frames are always shown first in the frames list.

There are many other applications at the Google Play store that offer image manipulation but PIP Camera is one of the very few that offer professional quality.

Even that the style is kind of repetitive, all frames are with very high quality and work really well, allowing the creating of high quality photos with no defective or blurry edges.

The online library contains hundreds of new frames that you can use to create stylish and fun images.