Camoji GIF Camera

Camoji-Online-for-PC-100x100Camoji GIF Camera is a very cool application for anyone who wishes to create animated GIF image. The process is very simple and the app also lets you send messages to your friends and exchange the GIFs around the social networks.

Astonishing Interface

One of the biggest advantages of Camoji is its interface, which is optimized for image viewing without buttons. It is a motion control application. Slide your fingers, up, down, left, right and just watch. There is a quick tutorial that shows you which gestures does what but there’s nothing to worry about, the application is quite intuitive.

Easy and Fun to use

Creating GIFs with Camoji GIF Camera is simple and easy, you can also add text along with the images when you are sharing them. It should be noted that the app also includes a logo at the bottom of the image, but it is so small and negligeble, that you don’t have to worry about it.