Candy Camera for Selfie for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Candy Camera for Selfie for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Candy Camera for SelfieAs the name of the app suggests, with Candy Camera for Selfie, your photos will look extra cute and as sweet as candy! If you like the sound of that, keep reading this article, as I’m about to tell you more about this great app.

Candy Camera for Selfie is a photo editing app. It allows you to add a touch of style to your photos. Also provides you with a huge range of filters, frames, and sticker options at your disposal. From what I’ve researched on this app, there is one feature that was very interesting to me. Unlike other apps out there, with this one you can actually see how some of the different filters will look. In addition, this happens in real time, without the need to even take the photo. If that isn’t neat, I don’t know what is. The way this feature works is that you turn on your camera and the app, and just slide through the different filters, lined up below. That way you can test each and every one of them, so you will have a much easier choice between them.

But, of course that’s far from being all Candy Camera Online for Selfie can offer. Once you take your photo, you will be offered even more great possibilities. Alongside everything else, as in every other good photo editing app, we have a choice between many stickers. You’ll discover all kinds of stickers, as well as different frames and post-processing filters.

More information on Candy Camera for Selfie’s features:

The filters for Selfies, which Candy Camera for Selfie has to offer, are more than perfect. With a choice between a diverse range of filters, which are designed specifically for Selfies, you will look simply flawless! You can even make your skin look amazing! Don’t forget you can easily swipe left and right, in order to find the perfect filter for you. The one that will make your Selfie look even more beautiful!

In addition to the filter camera, Candy Camera Download for Selfie has more editing tools, which we can add to the Beauty functions category. I’m talking about Slimming of your face features, whitening your skin and/or your teeth, fixing your concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and etc.! Perfect for a more advanced user, that would like a more deep photo editing. You can also edit or use make-up stickers.

Speaking of stickers, that’s the next feature we will go through. I’m certain everyone, including me, love stickers. They have become quite a trend, and no social network is complete without them. So, it’s no surprise all photo editing apps include them to their features. As for stickers in Candy Camera APK for Selfie, you have a choice between stickers for every season, occasion, and trend. You will discover the many cute stickers you can use for your Selfies and the great and artistic ones for your photography. Furthermore, each of those stickers can easily be resized and moved using multi-touch.

Candy Camera for Selfie‘s Silent Camera allows you to take silent photos at any time and anywhere you are. Very comfortable for all kinds of occasions!

Candy Camera 2017 is the ultimate beauty tool for selfies! If what I said so far got your attention, read below about how to get this app.

Candy Camera Photo Editor for Selfie can be downloaded on phones, tablets and PC. iPhone users can get it on iTunes. Android users can download it in Google Play. PC users can get it by using Bluestacks.