FaceQ Animated Avatar

FaceQ-Online-Animated-Avatars-100x100FaceQ is an application that is available for both Android and iOS and it is completely free. With FaceQ you can create interesting avatars to show off on the social networks. It creates “cartoonish” kind of avatars which enables you to express your imagination in any possible way you desire.

First thing you have to do is select what type of avatar you want to create – boy, girl or couples avatar. After you have chosen your type of avatar on the next configuration window you can modify the face shape, hair color, hair style, decorations and much more. You can also change the colors of everything making it easier to make the avatar look like you or your friend.

After you have completed assigning the correct face shape, hair color, hair style you are able to put on accessoaries like glasses, hats and more. After you have completed your cartoon avatar you can share it directly on most of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

If you want to view your avatar at a later time or edit it you can do that at the History section of the application.