PicPlayPost Video Collage Online – Free Download

PicPlayPost Video Collage Online – Windows and Mac – Free Download

PicPlayPost Video CollageNeed an easy way to combine your photos, videos and music into a beautiful collage? Look no further! PicPlayPost Video Collage is the answer! It is the first video collage maker with editing tools and customization options needed to create video, photo or gif collages. You can share your creations on tons of social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube.

PicPlayPost Video Collage is a simple and easy way to create captivating stories from your favourite music, photos and videos! Other than creating video collages, the application also has many other amazing features. Some of those are:

  1. You can create acapella singing videos.
  2. Make “Music Photos” by adding sound/music to an image.
  3. You can create video collages in a variety of frames ratios.
  4. More than 40 different adjustable frames
  5. More than 70 beautiful background patterns
  6. You can share your personal story on different social medias.

Unlike other apps, PicPlayPost Video Collage lets you add videos, photos and animated images all together in the same collage! You can choose from 48 beautiful adjustable frames, 72 unique background patterns, 36+ templates and many customizable borders. There are countless options for you to display your photos and videos. PicPlayPost Video Collage is highly recommended for those who like to share photos and videos with friends on a daily basis.

PicPlayPost Video Collage is free to use and is available for PC (Windows and Mac), Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and can also be found on the Apple iTunes store.

The application is fairly easy to use and if you are persistent enough, you can be an expert in no time! Over 10 million users have already discovered this perfect app! If you want to be one of them, hurry up and download PicPlayPost Video Collage. Start making your own wonderful stories now!