Split Pic Photo Editor

Split-Pic-PC-Online-Free-Download-100x100Split Pic application is a different kind of photo editing software, instead of applying a filter or something like that on the photo, it merges two photos into one. Free for iOS and available only in English but that does not matter since it is very intuitive to work with, like most of the photo editing apps.

First you chose a layout at the main screen, you can select between two and three divisions. Horizontal and Vertical formats are available. Note the bar that divides the screen. Use your creativity and make an image in the environment and, after that position a new image at the same location to compose the rest of the final image.

The second button at the bottom of the app is used to merge the two images together, creating one new merged image without the bar that divides the screen.

The third button allows you to apply one of the filter that is provided by the application.

Once you are ready you can share your image on your favourite social network.

Split Pic can be downloaded in the App Store for devices with version 5.0 or higher of iOS.

PIP Camera Photo Effects

PIP-Camera-Online-Free-Download-100x100PIP Camera is a special type of image editor that lets you create amazing collages. With its huge collection of different photo frames, all you hve to do is take a picture (with already chosen frame) or select a picture from your existing gallery and apply a frame on top of it.

The application has two categories: PIP Classics and PIP Frames. When you select the category simply use the bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the available frames. After you have chosen your desired frame, apply it and save the new image. It will be available for you at your image gallery.

In the main menu  in the Library section you can find additional frames. To add any of them you can simply press the Download button located under the desired frame. The new frames are always shown first in the frames list.

There are many other applications at the Google Play store that offer image manipulation but PIP Camera is one of the very few that offer professional quality.

Even that the style is kind of repetitive, all frames are with very high quality and work really well, allowing the creating of high quality photos with no defective or blurry edges.

The online library contains hundreds of new frames that you can use to create stylish and fun images.

InstaBeauty Photo Editor

InstaBeauty-Online-PC-Camera-100x100InstaBeauty is a photo editing application that has only one purpose – to make your photos astonishing, beautiful, attractive and eyecatching. Once the application is launched click on the “Gallery” from the main menu to view all your pictures on your gallery or tap on “Camera” to take a new one.

All available effects are stored in a panel at the bottom of the display. And on top you will find a pink bar that allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter. Sliding from right to left will provide more options at your disposal.

It is widely known that there are hundreds of image editing applications in the Google App Store. Some of the more famous like Instagram for example, have more social focus, and it’s not just a Photo Editing app but rather a Photo Sharing Social Network. Yet even there people use all kinds of different apps (like Retrica or FaceApp for example).to “filter” their photos and make them look more flashy, attractive or classy.It is no secret that there are hundreds of image-editing applications in the App Store. Some more famous, like Instagram, for example, has a more social focus, but the filters and frames are always used to make the pictures more beautiful and flashy.

InstaBeauty does the same, it makes your pictures more beautiful, but in a much more different way. Instead of going on your PC and using Photoshop to remove any unwanted skin imperfections or something else, Instabeauty does that for you automatically.

Beautiful in a second

In total, there are 14 filters and they have a lot of potential to adapt to any type of situation that your camera may catch you and make your skin look flawless in a matter of seconds. However if you need sometihng more sophisticated you can manually apply the filters with custom settings to achieve better results.

The “B” button shows the before and after of the photo in use, that is another great feature of the application.

PicMotion App Video Slideshow

PicMotion-Online-for-PC-Download-100x100PicMotion is an Android application that like the name suggests – takes pictures in motion. With this application you are able to create short videos from the pictures taken, and you have probably already encountered something like that. The final product looks like a GIF but is actually a video.

You can add and edit photos, add music or record an audio message, very easy and intuitive to use. The final video can be shared from the application itself in social networks like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. PicMotion also has a gallery within it with all the stuff that you have created.

To start using PicMotion, simply tap on the “Start” message on the main screen. PicMotion will then scan all your media files and make them available to you for use within the application. You can also sync it with your Instagram gallery.

Tap on the photos that you want to be included in the semi-video. Then edit them one by one with all the various options – rotating, resizing, cropping, zooming and more. When you have finished editing your photos and sounds add them one by one in the scene. The default length of the videos is 15 seconds optimized for Instagram, but you can also change that length to 6s, 30s, 60s or any other length of your desire.

After you have added all the desired content, click preview to preview it and decide if you want it that way or if it needs more editing. If it doesn’t produce and share on your favourite social network!

WedPics App Photo Editor


Wedpics App review – everything you need for your wedding day

WedPics app is an online application for modern (meaning, they know how to use smartphones and they are willing to teach their relatives) brides and grooms who want to gather all the pictures from their weddings.

This is an unique image-sharing application for the big wedding day. In order to use it, the bride and the groom need to register and pay a fee of $99. After the payment is processed the bride and the groom will  receive a code that will grant them full access over the application. After that you need to provide this code to all your guests so that they also can access WedPics app and send the photos taken during the event — at no cost to them, because the app and access are free for them, since you have already paid for it.

This is what makes Wedpics App unique, it lets you collect every single piece of photo taken during your wedding by everyone who had access to Wedpics App and all these photos will be gathered in one place. After that you can chose the best of these photos, edit them with one of these photo editors and make an album with the best memories of your wedding.

Retrica Online Photo Editor

retrica onlineRetrica Online for PC – Photo Editing Software.

The application is available only in English, but that is not something that you should worry about if you do not understand English, since everything is quite intuitive and this is what makes it such a good app! Retrica Online will blow your mind!

Retrica Online is not actually an image editing software, because we can’t make actual adjusments of the images (size for example), we can only modify them with premade filters. For example with retrica online you can make black and white photos, grayscale, different light color and so on, retrica online is amazing.

You can add filter effects to already existing images, or you can use retrica online as a camera appplication which adds the filters in a “live preview”. You can select the filter before taking the photo.

Retrica online is great for taking a quick selfie! You will no longer need to ask your buddy to edit your images, everything is quick and easy with Retrica Online now!

It is worth noticing that many of the filters are premium but they are all available for a preview, so that you can decide wether you would want that filter or not before buying it! Search Retrica Online to see the filters.

Fast and easy, fairly intuitive, retrica online is just like using the Native camera of your phone, just with some added cool gadgets!

You must have surely seen all of the pictures crawling your Facebook news feed that have the Retrica watermark on them, well this is the application that people use to take these photos! Beautiful aren’t they? I bet that you have also wondered how to make these kind of photos, well wonder no more, because now you know everything that you need to know, all you have to do now is download Retrica and start taking photos!

Instasave Pro Apk – Never Lose Your Photos

InstaSaveInstasave Pro Apk – never lose your photos, no matter what happens to your phone

If you are one of those people like me who may forget where they left their head, and you are afraid that you may lose your phone… Well I have good news for you InstaSave Pro Apk is for people like us. InstaSave Pro Apk lets you download your photos from Instagram.

Even if you lose your phone, you can easily get the photos back from Instagram via Instasave Pro Apk. One of the disadvantages is that every time you save a photo an ad will pop-up. This may be frustrating at times. The frustration is worth it, InstaSave Pro Apk is very well designed and developed, it works flawlessly.

In order to use it, you have to go through a quick installation steps, which includes loging in with your Instagram account. InstaSave Pro Apk uses OAuth2 system to authenticate you which means that your info never gets to the makers of the application, you are perfectly safe! Your authentication is happening straight to Instagram, and Instagram just tells InstaSave Pro Apk that you are a valid user, nothing more.

Instasave Pro Apk does its job well, it lets you save photos from your news feed, photos you have liked or some of the popular photos that you may find here and there in Instagram. A great feature is that you can download multiple photos at once with a single click (and a few more clicks to mark them), and you download them to a specific folder of your choise. It has a very simple and intuitive interface which makes it really easyto work with. The pro version of InstaSave Pro Apk will let you do a few more things like, downloading videos, performing full backups which you can send to your DropBox, your Email, Bluetooth and so on. The pro version also removes the annoying ads so you may consider buying it if you like the application.

You can Download InstaSave Pro Apk from here.

Photowonder Online

Photowonder Online for PC App – Android, iOS, Windows 7/8

photowonder onlinePhotowonder online was created originally in China by their Chinese Google – Baidu. This application focuses mainly on the way the people use it. Photowonder online is really easy to use. This is the perfect photo editor tool for anyone who wants to do this kind of stuff.

You shouldn’t be surprised that Photowonder online is developed for all kinds of various operating systems. Some of which – Android, iOS, Windows 8 and more. It has many different tools that will make your photos look professional. Sadly for our Portuguese friends, there is no version in that language, but if you are reading this, I’m guessing you don’t need one. You actually don’t need any language to use it. Photowonder online is really intuitive and easy to work with.

In the end I want to say that this application has some really great features, if you want to learn more about it you can do it here.

Picsart Online

PicsArt Online – The most downloaded photo editor

Picsart Online

PicsArt Online is a photo editor with great functionality. Downloaded more than 130 million times – it has won its reputation of a photo editor for the people. The features that PicsArt online has are really well developed and do their tasks professionally – for a better, more professional picture!

It has it’s own social network, much like Instagram. You can take pictures, edit them and then upload them.In order to edit the photos that you wish with PicsArt online, you have two options. First you can take a new photo or select one of your existing photos. You have to click on “Photo” to do that.

The app has great performance, unlike most other photo editors out there. It has three modes – effects, collages and draw. All of this is a sign of a well done developer’s job. Let your creativity blossom and get ready to make tons of wonderful photos!

PicsArt Online has a lot of helpful content online, including tutorials and guides on how to use the app to its full potential. This photo editor is widely used among mobile users, especially Android ones. You can use it to edit a variety of images. How about giving your photo a frame, or creating a fun photo collage? Maybe you want to add special effects to your photos. Whatever you desire can be fulfilled with the help of this app!

Don’t worry about a thing! Just in case you were wondering, you won’t get confused while using PicsArt Online. That’s possible thanks to the easy to use interface. Your photos will look nice and pretty in just a matter of minutes! All the needed tools are just a finger tap away!

Additional Info

This wonderful app enables you to become a great artist on any device. It is an all in one photo editor and drawing tool for all of your editing and artistic needs. If you have been around photo editors as much as me, you would already know that creativity is much more than just a photo filter. And many photo editing apps, such as PicsArt Online, have challenged themselves into proving this point.

PicsArt Online provides us with absolutely everything we need to make amazing photo edits, create great digital drawings, artistic camera shoots and photo collages. In addition to this, you can join the endless community of creative people such as yourself.

You can be certain PicsArt Online lives up to its reputation of being the most popular photo editing app for Android and one of the top rated apps on Google Play. It has all the best features you would expect from such an app. A very suitable choice for those, who like to let their imagination run wild!

PicsArt Online is free of charge and you can download it easily, whether you are a mobile or a PC user. Mobile phone users can find the app in Google Play, while PC users can do the same via Bluestacks.

Read more at Picsart Online.

FaceApp for PC Online

FaceApp for PC online – the magazines maker!

FaceApp for PCFaceApp for PC online is easily the most awesome application for us, the photo maniacs! One of the main features of FaceApp Collage Maker is that it puts you on a cover of a magazine. Ain’t that cool? Now you can be the barbie (or ken) you always wanted to be.  The application does all this with incredibly high professional quality of the images. To make things cooler, you can even do that to your friends with their photos.

There’s nothing to worry about if you know nothing about photo editing. FaceApp Photo Collage is really easy and intuitive to work with.

The main difference between this and other similar applications is that it can create what is called an “Assembly”.

You can also share your photos on other social networks very easy, with just a click. You also have two options on where to save your photos, in the online gallery that the app offers you or on your computer.

Learn more here – FaceApp for PC.