Afterlight app online photo editor

Afterlight app online – Download for PC, Win 7, Android and iOS

afterlight appYou’ve probably wondered at a point of your life about all those new technologies coming to be. Is there an app I can use on my phone to alter my images to my liking and create amazing effects?
YES! You can with Afterlight app you can do just that and much more, provided with a lot of options and mind blowing effects!

Afterlight app is one of the most useful apps out there regarding image editing. This app provides you with unique and yet simple tools for you to use when you edit your pictures.

With Afterlight app you can use over 50 textures, make short clips with your pictures, cut them, put them in frames, flip them around and infuse them with natural light effects for a unique look in each one of them!

Why Afterlight app you ask? Well not only this app gives you lots of cool options and light effects for image altering, but it also works with online platforms. You can sign with your Facebook and use images from there, or you can also sign in with Instagram and view your galleries there! But why stop here? Even your phone galleries are at your disposal. You are only limited by your creativity! So yeah GO FOR IT! And enjoy.

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